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Residential Support Options

Getting the appropriate support is very important to us. We are excited to be able to offer a variety of services. 

Staffed Residential Serivces

We have excellent staff that make sure that you can live with as much autonomy as possible. We will be there to help you prepare meals, support you to do your laundry, support you to keep your home clean, support you to attend appointments and take medications. We will support you to do your grocery shopping, support you when you go on trips, support you while spend time with friends and host parties. We want to support you to live a full life both at home and in community. 

Cluster Living

We are currently working on building apartments in partnership with a company in the Trail area who has purchased a heritage building. We will be offering several one or two bedroom apartments to individuals who need some specific supports to live successfully. We will have staff on site 24/7 who will provide support as required by individuals living there. We are looking forward to creating an inclusive community within a larger one.

We will keep everyone posted with progress at it is happening. Stay tuned...this is VERY exciting!!

Outreach Supports

If you would like to live in your own home and need a few hours of supports a week, we will develop a schedule with you and decide what you want to accomplish in our time together.

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