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Our Services

 We are proud to offer an innovative approach to support services. We are dedicated to providing services that are developed individually for each person we are supporting. We take a completely collaborative approach to support planning and take our lead from individuals accessing our supports. Our services are available in all communities in the East and West Kootenays.

Our Values

Eclipse believes in contributing and promoting each of these values in our work, our approach, our therapeutic relationships, and our service delivery:








We will support you in your own home to be a independent as you can be. Whether you need staff to be with you 24/7 or only a few hours a week, we will work with you to help decide what works.

We will support you to participate in activities in the community. This includes a variety of activities that you choose and we will support you to try new things and develop new relationships. We want to support you to be a part of your community.

Supporting individuals with all employment opportunities including job coaching, customized employment, self-employment, etc. This will include resume development, interviewing, determining strengths.

Sometimes navigating our social systems can be challenging. We will support you to learn what resources are available and support you to get the appropriate support that you need.

Behaviour Supports are embedded in all areas of service. We will work with you to develop plans that are best suited for your needs and that will help our staff to provide the best possible support to you.

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